General Information

General Information

Welcome to the XXVI World Congress of Neurology | WCN 2023.

Discover the General Congress Information of WCN 2023. Everything you need to know before joining us on-site in Montreal.


The official language of WCN2023 is English.


“Palais des congrès de Montréal”
Adress: 201 Av. Viger O, Montréal, QC H2Z 1X7, Canada

Visit Montrеal the Sustainable Way

Montréal offers a rich academic and research environment, top facilities, and a dynamic cultural scene, making it a great destination for a scientific congress. Experience Montréal in a truly authentic way by exploring the city sustainably during your stay. Calculate the carbon footprint of your visit here.

Congress Time

The Conference will officially run on Montreal, Canada time ‎(UTC-4)‎

CME Accreditation

Additional information about CME/CPD Accreditation of this medical event will be located on the Congress website in due course.

Sponsorship & Exhibition

An exhibition will be held​. See the Sponsorship & Exhibition​ page for more details regarding support.

Prescriber / Non-Prescriber

Support from pharmaceutical partners helps make this event possible. As such, it is important that we comply with the various codes and directives relating to the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The European Union directive (2001/83/EC, article 86) provides guidelines relating to medicinal products for human use. Within these guidelines is the restriction that access to pharmaceutical product marketing activities must be limited to only those participants licensed/authorized to prescribe or supply medicinal products. All participants, with the exception of the exhibitors, are asked the following question during registration: Are you licensed/authorized to prescribe or supply prescription-only medicines?

Within the virtual event platform healthcare professional authorized to prescribe prescription medicines will be recognized with a letter P (Prescriber) indicated after their names.


Within the virtual event platform, all exhibitors (booth admins) will be recognized with the letter E (Exhibitor) indicated after their names.

Closed Captioning/Transcript Disclaimer

Video recordings published on the virtual platform will be transcribed automatically using the ‘Automatic speech recognition (ASR) feature in the platform.

Closed captioning and/or transcription is being provided solely for the convenience of our viewers. AD/PD does not review for accuracy any information that appears in a closed caption or transcript. AD/PD makes no representations or warranties and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability with respect to, any errors or omissions in, or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or completeness of, any information that appears in a closed caption or transcript.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page ​or please visit the Contact Us page on the Congress website.