Scientific Program

Session Types

Plenary lectures are given by distinguished experts in the field – on some of the “hottest” topics.

The Main Topics are parallel sessions related to the 8 main topics of the congress: Dementia, Stroke, Epilepsy, Headache and Pain, Movement Disorders, MS and Demyelinating Diseases, Neuromuscular Diseases and Autonomic Nervous System.

The Topics are parallel sessions focused on specific topics in the field of neurology.

The Regional sessions are dedicated symposia on topics from specific world regions. They are organized jointly with a respective regional neurology society.

These short 10-minutes lectures are selected from the top scoring abstracts.

The teaching courses have an emphasis on the educational value and cover the breadth of the topic of interest to clinical neurologists.

The 1-hour early-morning teaching course sessions are special courses open for all attendees but intended primarily for young neurologists and neurologists in training. The sessions are devoted to providing a state-of-the-art, comprehensive and highly clinically relevant overviews on the general topics by an experienced clinician and educator.

The Teaching Course Workshops are pre-recorded educational talks followed by a live Q&A session with the speakers.

The Tournament of the Minds is a team competition, which provides an experience that is both educational and entertaining for its participants, integrating various aspects of neurology. WFN member societies are invited to enter a team of 4 neurologists in the Tournament. All teams will compete with each other in a knockout Qualifying Round, to answer questions on a range of neurological topics based on clinical cases from around the world; the questions will focus on visual material, videos and stills, with a minimum of text. The 8 teams that achieve the highest scores will progress to a Semi-Final Round and compete in two groups of 4 teams, with the winners of each group advancing to the Final.


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