Programme Highlights for Nurses

Take a look at some of the top SIOP 2019 programme picks for nurses and start planning your congress schedule.

Wednesday, October 23rd

08:15 – 09:45



Rejin Kebudi, Turkey

Florence Granjard Goy, France


Palliative homecare: how to collaborate with liberal nurses

Speaker:  Véronique Veyet, France

Home delivery of chemotherapy

Speaker:  Marianne Van de Vettering, The Netherlands

Palliative care in high and low resource countries

Speaker:  Rejin Kebudi, Turkey


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13:45 – 15:15


Christèle Riberon,

Paul C. Rogers, Canada


Management of fatigue in pediatric cancer and stem cell recipients

Invited Speaker:  Lillian Sung, Canada

Effects of on adapted physical activity programm on fatigue management

Invited Speaker:  Rodolf Mongondry, France

Oncofertility: male/female perspective

Invited Speaker:  Wim Tissing, The Netherlands

Cluster of symptoms experienced by aya population

Invited Speaker:  Marilyn Hockenberry, USA



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15:45 – 17:15



Alexandra Famery,

Lee Dupuis, Canada


How to accompany the siblings during cancer treatment: a group experience

Invited Speaker:  Flora Ray Martel,

Telepresence robot: impact on quality of life

Invited Speaker:  Marion Beaufront,

Accompanying young adults suffering from cancer to achieve their academic or professional projects

Invited Speaker:  Benedicte Wolfrom,



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Thursday, October 24th

Thursday, October 24th, 09:40 – 10:40



Lisa Morrissey, USA

Florence Granjard Goy, France


Opening and Welcome

Invited Speaker:  Lisa Morrissey, USA

Nursing lifetime achievement award

Invited Speakers:

Lisa Morrissey, USA

Faith Gibson, United Kingdom

Welcome from SIOP -Europe nursing


Welcome from SIPO board


Welcome from SIOP scientific committee

Invited Speaker:  Pernilla Pergert, Sweden

Welcome from the chair of AFITCH-OR (French association of nurses in stem cell, onco/hemato and radiotherapie)

Invited Speaker:  Pascale Sontag, France


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Thursday, October 24th, 10:40 – 11:10



Christina Baggott,

Pernilla Pergert, Sweden


Presentations of MCM 2018 projects


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Thursday, October 24th, 11:50 – 13:30



Pernilla Pergert, Sweden


Ethical Issues

Invited Speaker:  Cecilia Bartholdson, Sweden

Different career paths in nursing

Invited Speaker:  Courtney Sullivan, USA

Pain and palliative care

Invited Speaker:  Enyo Bosumprah, Ghana


Invited Speaker:  Erin Gordon, USA

Home Care

Invited Speaker:  Lisa Morrissey, USA

Teenagers and young adults

Invited Speaker:  Christèle Riberon,

Social media

Invited Speaker:  Rehana Punjwani, Pakistan


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Friday, October 25th

Friday, October 25th, 14:30 – 16:00



Frieda Clinton, Ireland

Mary Mcgowan, Australia


Welcome by moderators


A parent perspective of long term follow up care


What survivors need to know


The role of the nurse in a long term follow up clinic

Invited Speaker:  Frieda Clinton, Ireland

Discussion with a panel and the audience


Invited Speaker:  Frieda Clinton, Ireland


Invited Speaker:  Helena van der Pal, The Netherlands


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Saturday, October 26th

New sessions for nurses will be added in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more SIOP 2019 programme updates.