Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Booth

2D booth* in the Virtual Exhibition Hall includes:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Company Profile
  • Documents, Videos and Images
  • Hyperlinks for company’s website, products, news and social media accounts
  • Extra documents, videos and links can be added for an additional cost


  • Interactive Chat (Group and 1:1 chat, including video calls)
  • Swipe my badge- the virtual equivalent of the badge scanner is included
  • Ability to leave messages to the exhibitors 24/7 during the three months in which the platform is live
  • Ability to see visiting attendees at the booth

Available Booth Designs – Large, Medium and Small

Booth allocation will be made based on total amount of support followed by a first come, first served basis

Small Booth

This booth will include:

  • Logo
  • 1 Screen
  • 1 Banner
  • 1 Video
  • 2 Links
  • 2 Documents
  • 2 Exhibitor Registrations
  • Badge Swipe
  • Inquiry Form
  • Live Chat

Premium booth is for a custom booth or to be linked to an external 3D company booth.

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Exhibitor Rules & Regulations


A completed Exhibition Booking Form and/or Contract must be emailed/delivered to ensure reservation of a desired Virtual booth template. Upon receipt of the Exhibition Booking Form and/or Contract, Virtual Booth will be confirmed and an invoice will be provided.


All exhibitors are required to be registered in Congress. Registrations will be given depending on your booth of choice:

  • Small Booth – 2 registrations
  • Medium Booth – 3 registrations
  • Large Booth – 5 registrations
  • Premium Booth – 7 registrations

Within the virtual event platform, all exhibitors (booth admins) will be recognized with a letter E (Exhibitor) indicated after their names. Any additional exhibitors will be charged an exhibitor registration fee. Companies can purchase a maximum number of exhibitor registrations as follows:

  • Small and Medium Virtual Booths – up to 10 exhibitor registrations
  • Large and Premium Virtual Booths – up to 20 exhibitor registrations


An Exhibitors’ Technical Manual outlining all technical aspects of exhibiting will be available approximately 3 months prior to the Congress. It will include the following:

  • Technical details about the platform
  • Final exhibition details and information
  • Specifications
  • Services available to exhibitors and order forms


You can submit your logo and company’s profile and read important exhibitor information on the Kenes Exhibitors’ Portal. The Exhibition Manager will contact you with the link to the Exhibitors’ Portal, including your personal login details.


The Terms and Conditions of exhibiting are included in the Online Prospectus and can be found here (TERMS AND CONDITIONS). Please note that signing of the BOOKING ​​FORM AND CONTRACT indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Exhibition Booking Form will be held as a valid liable contract, by which both parties will be bound. An exclusive handling agent will be designated to the WCN 2021.

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